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Enrolled: 969 students
Duration: 30+ HOURS
Lectures: 4
Video: 90 MINS
Level: Beginner

Know your skills by enrolling to this Myntrn’s Web Development Program .

Gain knowledge from scratch. Learn as a beginner and grow as an expert with Myntrn’s Web Development Program  

Check your creativity with mastery and expertise in building beautiful and interactive websites. Get A-Z knowledge about web development and build your first website with the help of Myntrn’s Web Development Program    


By Learning web development you can responsive ,interactive and beautiful websites. Learn about the importance of Web Development with Myntrn’s Web Development Program

We teach you from scratch and cover from basics of HTML & CSS ,JavaScript and in backend development like PHP and SQL. Through this Myntrn’s Web Development Program      you learn to implement your skills in building your first website.


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1.      HTML
• Introduction to HTML: Why is it needed, Elements and Attributes, Structure of an HTML Document – Head and Body; Text Editors to Use.
• Text in HTML – Structural Markup, Semantic Markup – Headings, Paragraphs, Bold text, Italic text, Horizontal Rules, Breaks, Subscript and Superscript text etc.
• Lists in HTML – Ordered Lists, Unordered Lists, Definition Lists, Nested lists.
• Links in HTML – Anchor tags, Href attribute and additional attributes, Different types of hyperlinks, Directory Structure, URL referencing- relative and absolute.
• Image in HTML – Adding images to webpages using the Error! Filename not specified.tag and the required attributes.
• Tables – Structure of a Table – headings, rows, cells; Spanning rows and columns, header and footer of a table. • Forms – How forms work, The Form Structure, Different form controls- Text Input Controls, Choice Controls, Button Controls, Date and Time Controls; Attributes associated with each, Simple HTML Form validation.
• Extra Markup – Global Attributes- ID, Class Attributes; Inline and Block level elements, Grouping the inline and block level elements together.
• Iframes – What are Inline Frames, Adding iframes in a webpage and the necessary attributes.
• Multimedia in HTML – Adding Audio and Video files to a webpage. Providing media controls.
2.    CSS
• Introduction to CSS – What is CSS, Selectors, Declarations, Property, Value, Types of Stylesheets, CSS Selectors.
• Color in CSS – Foreground, Background Colors, Ways of specifying colors - HSL value, RGB value or color names;
• Text Styling – Specifying Typefaces, Size of the type, Units of type size, transforming text to uppercase or lowercase, decorating text (underline, strikethrough or overline etc), indenting, aligning the text, drop shadow for the text, Pseudo class and elements.
• Box Model – Box dimensions, margin, padding, border- border radius, color, shadow; display and visibility
3. CSS
• Table and Form Styling – Borders for a Table, Styling form controls, buttons
and cursors.
• Advanced CSS – Float, Position, Multi- column web pages.
• Image and Background Styling – Size, Alignment of images, Background-
images and colour.
• Introduction to JavaScript – What is it? Why is it needed, Client-side scripting?
how to add JavaScript to a HTML document.
• Syntax – Variables – defining, declaring a variable, assigning values to a
variable; Data types accepted in js, Operators – arithmetic, logical, comparison;
Loops, Conditional statements.
• Functions and Arrays in JavaScript
• JavaScript display properties.
• Form Validation using JavaScript.
5. PHP
• Introduction to Xampp - what is it, how to install it, how to use it.
• Introduction to PHP – What is server-side scripting language, why is it needed,
how to run PHP programs.
• Syntax – comments, variables – declaration, assigning values; Data types in
php, Arrays – different types of arrays, how to define each array; Functions,
Loops, Conditional statements, Operators.
• Introduction to Database – what is it? Where is it used? why is it needed? Basic
database concepts and what is a relational database.
• Data Base Management Systems – MySQL, MariaDB.
• SQL – Structured Query Language, Data types in SQL, Queries in SQL –
creating a database, a table, inserting data into a table, altering tables, deleting
tables, updating tables, displaying content from the tables etc.
• Complex SQL Queries – Aggregate functions, grouping, order by, union, views
• Linking front end and back end using PHP.
• Mysqli_stmt class in PHP
• Connecting to a database with the help of PHP inbuilt functions.
• Accessing database from the client side using mysqli_stmt class – Obtaining
data from db., updating the data in the db., inserting data into the db, deleting
the data in the db.
• Displaying the data from the db.
8. Project Guidance Session
Full stack web developers are essentially programmers who are capable of both Back end and frond end coding. 1. They are responsible for developing front end web site planning 2. They design user relations on Web pages 3. Creating and developing back-end applications for websites 4. Creating servers and databases for functionality. 5. Making sure that there is cross- platform optimization for the mobile phones/ 6. Developing and designing both API’s 7. Meeting consumer and technical needs. 8. Sustaining confidence in web development languages and programming.
Yes, you can! we have designed the course from scratch so that student from any background can learn and understand.
• Study Materials • Project • Certificate • Software Tools • Sample Report for Internship
Front end and backend both will be covered • HTML • CSS • JAVASCRIPT • PHP • SQL
Definitely, Web Development is in high demand as you know the covid pandemic has made businesses go online, hence every business need a website now, hence web developer jobs would increase more than 70% by the end of 2023.
Web Development is one of the profiles where people get highly paid salaries ranging from 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum or even above that based on your skills sets and experience.
Learn from Industry experts
30+ Hours of Learning
Certificates from Internationally recognised Companies
Doubts clearing for clarity on the subject.
6 Months Access to exclusive sessions.
Commercial Project Guidance

Get Certified from the India’s top 1 Ed-tech company by upgrading your skills to build your bright future.
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Talk to our Counsellor to clarify your doubts to gain the clarity.
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